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Welcome to Zmartinfo, the online platform for creating dynamic infokiosks that display relevant information for your business or organization’s customers or members.

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Our user-friendly interface lets you easily add text, pictures, videos, and other modules to your infokiosk and build any layout you could imagine

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Choose from a wide range of modules, including slideshows, videos, text sliders and more, to create a unique and engaging experience for your customers or members.

Keep your customers or members updated directly from your computer

With Zmartinfo, you can make changes to your infokiosk directly from your own computer, and it will update automatically.

Case FoOTBallClub "Frem ".

Our infokiosk solution helped the football club “FREM” create an engaging and interactive environment for their members and visitors. By showcasing their rich history and displaying relevant information, the club was able to create a sense of community and belonging among its members, while also attracting new members and generating more revenue. 

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